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High hedge complaints

Resolving disputes
If you are concerned about a neighbouring high hedge please read the following leaflet published by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) - Over the Garden Hedge.  This leaflet explains how to settle your hedge differences without involving Flintshire County Council and this process must be attempted before a complaint can be made to the Council.

Making a complaint
If after reading this leaflet you still wish to make a formal complaint to the Council, please download, print and complete the High Hedge complaint form for which guidance notes are available.  There is a charge of £320 to investigate a high hedge complaint (this fee is reduced to £160 if the complainant is registered disabled, a senior citizen or on state benefit).

Please send your completed complaint form along with fee (cheques payable to Flintshire County Council) to Chief Planning Services Officer, Flintshire County Council, County Hall, Mold. CH7 6NF.  Or alternatively deliver it by hand to the Main Reception, County Hall.

High Hedge Complaint Form & Guidance Notes 

Frequently asked questions

Is there a general right to light?
There is no general legal right to light in gardens although easements of light through windows or other openings in a property can sometimes exist.  If your property benefits from an easement of light which is being affected you should consult a solicitor.

Can I cut branches overhanging my property?
Yes, but you should ensure that you know precisely where your boundary is.  Fences, hedges and ditches often mark the legal boundary between properties but may not follow an obvious line on the ground.  In cases where you are in dispute with your neighbour you would be wise to take legal advice before cutting any vegetation.  It is also good practice to discuss any proposed works with your neighbour before you carry them out.

Only branches overhanging your boundary can be cut and they must be cut in a way that will not compromise the health of the trees or shrubs.  If the tree you intend to trim is protected by a Tree Preservation Order or a Planning Condition or if it is in a Conservation Area you will need to contact the Council and where necessary obtain permission.

Further information
High hedge complaints are dealt with by the Planning Enforcement service:    
Email:  planningenforcement@flintshire.gov.uk or
Telephone:  01352 703258.

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