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Sports Wales Community Chest

Fancy £1500 towards your community sport project?

Community Chest offers grant of up to £1500 in any 12 month period for activities that:

  • Encourage more people to become more active, more often
  • Raises the standards of existing activities

Please note, applicants are able to claim a second £1500 if their application is based on one of the 2 priority areas. To be eligible they must demonstrate that their application either:

  • Better prepares clubs to cater for interest generated via 2012; or
  • Tackles inequality - BME, disability (inclusion), women and girls, social inclusion.

Who can apply?

The scheme is open to any group as long as they hold a bank account in the organsiation's name.

Who cannot apply?

Sorry but if you are a member of the public, primary school or associated body arranging activities for children, or secondary school whose part of the 5x60 scheme you are ineligible to apply for a Community Chest grant.

In addition the following activities cannot be funded:

  • Physical activities such as gardening, DIY, environmental improvements, performance dance or circus skills
  • Existing activities / projects that have already started
  • Projects that are considered to be part of an organisation's normal day to day running costs
  • Projects based outside Wales

Or the following project elements:

  • Maintenance, repair or replacement of current equipment or facilities (however consideration will be given to replace equipment that no longer complies with current legislation)
  • Purchase of personal items of equipment
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Medals, certificates or trophies
  • Domestic or foreign tours
  • One off events with no links to ongoing activities
  • Memberships
  • Capital projects (projects that involve building or buying land)
  • Financial support for individuals

Before completing your application form, please ensure you read the scheme guidance notes for further details.

Sports Community Chest - Guidance Notes and Terms & Conditions

Sports Community Chest - Application Form

Please return applications to:

Jane Hewson
Flintshire County Council
Sports Development
Deeside Leisure Centre
Chester Road West

If you would like further information please contact: 01352 702461 

Alternatively you can email:  jane.hewson@flintshire.gov.uk