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Information for Voters and Candidates

Can I Vote at this Election? 

To be able to vote at this election you must be registered. The last date you can register is Thursday 13 April, 2017.  If you are not registered, then please visit our Register to Vote page.

Ways of voting

In person on Thursday 4 May: Most people vote in person at their polling station. It is straightforward and a member of staff will always help if you are not sure what to do. You will receive a poll card telling you where your polling station is. It is often a nearby school or community centre. If you do not receive your poll card, you can contact us on 01352 702412 or by e-mail: vote2017@flintshire.gov.uk

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm. 

By post: You can apply to vote by post. You will need to fill in an application form and send it to us by 5pm on Tuesday 18 April. To get an application form, you can contact us on 01352 702412 or by e-mail: vote2017@flintshire.gov.uk

We can send postal ballot papers to your home address or to any other address that you give. Ballot papers can be sent overseas, but you need to think about whether you will have time to receive and return your ballot papers by Thursday 4 May.

Postal ballot papers will be posted on Wednesday 19 April.

By proxy: If you are unable to get to the polling station on the day you may appoint another person to vote on your behalf [Proxy]. To appoint a Proxy at this election, contact us on 01352 702412 or by e-mail: vote2017@flintshire.gov.uk. You will be sent an application form and this must be completed and returned by 5pm on Tuesday 25 April. Your proxy will be sent a card to vote on your behalf. 

Who are the Candidates at this election?

The Statement of Person Nominated will be published by 4pm on Wednesday 5 April, 2017 and the Notice of Poll will be published on Tuesday 25 April, 2017.

Election Results

The Election Results will be updated every ten minutes during the Count.  

The final result will be published on Friday 5 May, 2017.