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Procurement Strategy review

Published: 24/10/2019

Flintshire County Council is set to review its Procurement Strategy at the Cabinet meeting on 22 October.

The Council spends around £198 million each year on goods, services and construction. Whilst the Council always wants to get good quality and value for money from its contractors, it can also achieve broader aims by how it directs that spend.  The Procurement Strategy sets out those additional aims which it seeks to achieve as well as setting the performance targets of the Procurement Team shared with Denbighshire County Council.

The proposed revisions to the strategy place greater emphasis on purchasing locally, within the county of Flintshire itself and the wider area of the North Wales and Mersey Dee Alliance, so that more of the spend goes back into the local economy and to businesses that employ Flintshire residents.  It also makes links to broader polices adopted by the Council on ensuring that its supply chain does not support unethical practice, and on requiring contractors to “give something back to the community” through its social value policy.

The revised strategy also sets out how the Council will begin to achieve its aims of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.  A large proportion of the Council’s carbon footprint will be generated by the goods and services it buys so in future the council will asking its contractors to work to reduce their own carbon emissions.

Councillor Billy Mullin, Cabinet Member for Corporate Management and Assets said:

“It is important that Flintshire County Council spends its money in a way that supports and furthers its values and aims. 

“The Council wants to build a strong, local economy where employees delivering services on behalf of or to the council are well treated, and where the goods and services it buys do not harm the environment or contribute to global warning.  The revisions to this Procurement Strategy underpin those commitments and will help to make them a reality.”

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