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Housing Strategy and Action Plan

Published: 18/10/2019

The Council’s Cabinet will consider a report on the Housing Strategy and Action Plan at its meeting on 22 October.

The Housing Strategy and Action Plan sets out the Council’s ambition to provide affordable housing and housing support for our residents who are in most need.

The Council is committed to the principle that a good quality home is at the heart of individual and community wellbeing and will continue to enable the provision of appropriate and affordable homes, particularly for those in the greatest need. The Housing Strategy and Action Plan sets out how the Council intends to achieve this through working collaboratively with strategic partners in an intelligent and innovative way to deliver its ambition.

As a result of the activity outlined in the Council’s previous Housing Strategy, over 400 new affordable homes for rent and ownership were delivered. The new Strategy details key priorities and actions for delivery going forward, including the following three key priorities:

  • To increase supply to provide the right type of housing in the right location;
  • To provide support to ensure people live and remain in the right type of home; and
  • To improve the quality and sustainability of our homes.

Cabinet Member for Housing, Cllr Dave Hughes said

“We look forward to working collectively with our partners to deliver our vision of providing the right type of quality homes and the most appropriate support to meet the housing needs of our residents.”

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