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Celebrations for Mary’s 100th birthday!

Published: 18/09/2019

The Chair of Flintshire County Council has helped another Flintshire resident celebrate a special birthday.

Councillor Marion Bateman and her Consort Councillor Haydn Bateman met Mrs Mary Gray at Hollybank Care Home in Shotton, where a party and concert were held in her honour to mark the special occasion.

Mary was born in Liverpool and lived with her parents and brother, Jack, very close to the city centre. They all experienced the terrible bombings during the war and she still remembers the devastation, including all the windows being blown out of their house.  Thankfully they all survived.

She met her husband George and they married in 1940 and went on to have three children Linda, John and David.  In 1953, the family moved to Broughton as George took up a post at the airport factory. Tragically George died suddenly at the age of 59. At this time, now living in Buckley, her mother, family and friends all helped Mary get through this tragic time.

Mary has eight grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and, at 100, still has her Liverpudlian sense of humour, loves the odd glass of wine, a sing and a dance. She will enjoy celebrating her 100th birthday with her family and close friends.


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