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Energy switching scheme

Published: 16/01/2015

Flintshire residents are able to sign up to a Wales-wide collective energy buying scheme, which should enable them to save money on their fuel bills. Wales Together/ Cyd Cymru is a Welsh Government funded energy switching project. Collective energy switching is where a large number of households come together to buy their energy, and by doing so Wales Together/ Cyd Cymru can negotiate better deals, which leads to savings for consumers. The more people that get involved, the greater the potential to gain a better deal. Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet Members are expected to endorse the scheme on Tuesday (20 January). Following the signing of the scheme’s Charter, the Council will then have partner status on the scheme. Councillor Bernie Attridge, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “I would urge all Flintshire residents to register with Cyd Cymru. By joining together to buy energy, households can achieve better deals. When you register with Cyd Cymru there is no cost or obligation to switch, but once the offer is available in March, you will be able to see how much you could save before you decide whether you want to switch. You will also be able to see how this compares to existing market tariffs. Last year the scheme helped households across Wales to save an average of £185 per year on their energy bills.” Residents can register to receive a no obligation energy price offer in March either online at or by calling 0800 093 5902.

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