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Footway clearance

Paved areas are only treated during severe conditions of ice or snow once the priority road routes have been cleared. This is to make sure resources are used in the most efficient way. With many miles of footways in Flintshire salting every single one is simply not feasible – our efforts have to be concentrated on areas that will benefit the most people.

How are footways prioritised?

Resources will be deployed to treat footways once snow has settled or during periods of prolonged freezing conditions on a priority basis at locations including:

  • Town centre footways and footways in the vicinity of shopping areas
  • Footways in the vicinity of civic buildings
  • Public highway in the vicinity of hospitals
  • Public highway in the vicinity of residential homes / old age pensioners flats
  • Public highway in the vicinity of day care centres
  • Public highway in the vicinity of Schools (during term times only)
  • Footbridges
  • Bus stops

If any reports of icy footways are received for locations not included in the above criteria the footway will be inspected to assess whether treatment is appropriate dependant upon available resources.

Where resources allow: Steep sections of footways, predominately elderly residential areas, other residential areas and industrial estates

Treatment of these footways is determined in line with the Councils Winter Maintenance Policy.

Often, the work is done by teams using shovels and a vehicle loaded with salt and is carried out by all available staff, including the ground maintenance teams who are unable to carry out their normal duties. 

Following successful trials of alternative de-icing materials heavily used footways in town centres, car parks and sheltered accommodation will be treated with a product called 'Safethaw'. 'Safethaw' is sprayed by using a knapsack sprayer or a self propelled spray bar fitted to quadbikes and will be applied in periods of heavy snow and prolonged icy conditions in accordance with the risk assessment for the network.

Salt bins are also provided in order that residents and businesses can clear nearby footways.

Unfortunately there are no resources available to provide a private clearing service to households. 

Can I claim against the Council if I fall on untreated roads or footways?

People using areas affected by snow and ice have responsibility to be careful themselves.  If the Council can demonstrate it has used all available resources and has been reasonably practicable in its actions, then it is likely any claim will fail.