Informal Consultation Document: 20mph Pilot Scheme – Bryn Y Baal - Buckley – Mynydd Isa – New Brighton

The purpose of this informal consultation is to provide advance notice of a proposal to implement a permanent 20mph speed limit within the wider residential areas of Buckley, Mynydd Isa, Bryn y Baal and New Brighton.  The measures come in response to the Publics request to improve walking and cycling infrastructure within the locality, whilst also greatly complimenting the Active Travel project scheduled to commence in Buckley later this year funded by Welsh Government (Transforming Towns). 

Implementation of the wider proposals will greatly complimenting the Councils aspiration for a low carbon integrated sustainable transport network across the County.

Please Note: Feedback received during this process will allow the Council to take into consideration the views of the public prior to formal advertisement taking place (Statutory Consultation process) for which formal objections against the proposals may be lodged.  This webpage will be updated with details of the Statutory Consultation period in due course. 

Scheme Background
The Council have successfully secured funding to implement a 20mph Pilot Scheme across the inventory of residential roads within Bryn Y Baal, Buckley, Mynydd Isa and New Brighton, with the exception of the main distributor roads for which will remain 30mph. 

The area has been selected as one of eight areas, ahead of a planned national rollout for 2023. 

Why are the improvements required?
The implementation of a 20mph Scheme would bring considerable benefits of improving road safety within the wider residential area.  In 2018, 50% of all highway casualties in Wales occurred on 30mph roads.  In addition the scheme will also act as an ‘enabler’ to both facilitate and complement the implementation of key Active Travel infrastructure within the area, making it safer to walk and cycle within the town and villages.

The advantages to a reduction in speed included;

  • Improving safety at schools and other locations with high pedestrian traffic
  • Improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Discouraging ‘rat running’ through residential streets
  • Improve accessibility by reducing motor vehicle dominance along the highway

Proposed Improvements and Safety Measures
The scheme will consist of 20mph Gateway Signage, Gateway Carriageway markings (required at all entry points to the Pilot Area) and regular repeater signage, thus creating a consistent and recognisable approach, effectively alerting drivers to the change in nature of the Pilot Zone.  Certain roads will be except from this and remain at 30mph, these include classified road, such as A, B and C Roads, and strategic links routes.  

The consultation plan details all streets that will be subject to a 20mph speed limit.  All roads that currently have a speed limit of 40mph, 50mph and 60mph will remain as they are and will not be affected by this scheme.

Buckley 20mph part 1
Buckley 20mph part 2
Buckley 20mph part 3
Buckley 20mph part 4

How does this affect me as a resident?
Your views are important and will help us to provide a ‘tailor made’ scheme. We want to enhance the community by making our network safer and improving connectivity within the town.

Scheme Consultation 
This informal consultation is focused on improving road safety within wider community to encourage active modes of travel for local residents.  We would like to hear your views on the proposals and have included a set of specific questions for which a response is welcomed.  The Informal consultation period is open until midnight of 16 April, 2021 however, as stated above, please be aware, that any formal objections against the proposed 20mph speed limit must be made during the Formal Statutory Consultation period for which this webpage will be updated with details of this process in due course. 

How can I comment? 
We want to hear what you think about our proposals but it’s not possible to hold face-to-face consultation events due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Instead, we would ask you to:

Comment Online.

Responses by: 16 April, 2021

If you don’t have access to a computer, then you can call to register your views on: 01352 701234 

Large print, Braille and alternative language versions of this document are available on request.