Blue Badge - Eligibility Checker Cognitive Impairment Criteria

You may be eligible for a blue badge under the cognitive impairment criteria.

This criteria applies to people who have difficulty planning or following a journey, to such an extent that you/they need constant supervision.

This may capture people with:
  • Autism
  • Alzheimer's or dementia
  • Stroke patients
  • Learning disabilities
  • Mental health
  • Head/brain injuries

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and this criteria is not entirely based on diagnosis of conditions but also requires that they meet the safety described above.

Do you have any of the above conditions and have difficulty planning or following a journey?


This means that you will have to complete a Cognitive Impairment application form and previous history within health or social services will need to be verified.  You can apply by contacting Customer Services on 01352 701304 or by visiting your nearest Flintshire Connects office.  You should bring the following documents with you:   

Proof of Identity

You will need one or more of the following:

  • Birth/Adoption certificate
  • Marriage/Divorce certificate
  • Civil partnership/Dissolution certificate
  • Valid driving license
  • Valid passport

Proof of Residency

There are a few ways to prove your residency, these are:

  • Council tax bill
  • Consent for us to check our council tax records/electoral register/school records on your behalf

Photograph for the Blue Badge

This should be a recent passport-style photograph of the applicant. The photograph should show the applicants full face so that the holder can be easily identified and no one else should be in the photograph. The photograph will be placed on the back of the badge and will not be visible when the badge is being displayed in the vehicle. A photograph can be taken by one of our customer advisors at our Flintshire Connects centres.


Either of the following if under 64:

• Higher Rate Care Component of the Disability Living Allowance And, letter of diagnosis of cognitive impairment or letter of attendance to a memory clinic.
• Letter of diagnosis of cognitive impairment and/or letter of attendance to a memory clinic.
• Personal Independence Payment (PIP) - 12 Points Journey Planning.

If over 64, you will need a letter of diagnosis of cognitive impairment from a health professional and/or a letter of attendance to a memory clinic or similar.

An Independent Advisory service may be used to determine your eligibility for a Blue Badge if you are unable to provide the above evidence.

How do I provide these documents?


Do you have a temporary but substantial disability which is likely to last for the next 12 months? 


If the answer is no, then I’m sorry but as you/ they do not meet any of the eligibility criteria explained it would not be suitable to proceed with an application as the likely result would be that we would not issue a badge to you.  If your circumstances change, or if you have further evidence to support an application then please contact us to discuss this.