What are direct payments?

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What are Direct Payments?

If you are eligible for help to meet your care needs, Flintshire County Council can give you the money instead of a service.

You can use your Direct Payment to arrange support that is right for you and your lifestyle.

Having a Direct Payment means that you can have more control over the support you need, be able to make important choices about your care, and have far greater flexibility over your support than care arranged by the council.

People in Flintshire are using Direct Payments to arrange:

  • Support with daily life and activities
  • Support toget out and about
  • Support with personal care
  • Support that helps achieve personal goals
  • Equipment that supports their independence

Having a Direct Payment is a personal decision that will hopefully enable you to achieve a better quality of life.

We are committed to providing people such as yourself with all of the information that you need to make a decision that is right for you.

We have an experienced Direct Payments team within the council who are there to support you with any queries or information that you need. We will endeavour to provide you with as much help and reassurance as you need, until you feel confident to manage arrangements yourself. But remember, if you need periodic support, or advice we are only a phone call away.

Direct Payment contact info:

Direct Payments Support Service  

01352 701100    


Team members:

(Direct Payment Team Manager) - Mark Cooper.

(Direct Payment Support Officers) - Claire Tuft, Emily Kershaw, Harriet Weir, Sharon Stapley-Jones, Kathy Cocking

(Personal Assistant Workforce Co-ordinator) - Gemma Wellstead

 What should I do if I want to find more about Direct Payments?

In order for you to get a Direct Payment you need an assessment of your care needs. If you have a social worker or care manager then contact them. If not please call Adult Social Services on 03000 858858 or Children’s Social Services on 01352 701000.