Details of the placements for 2021

Business Administration Placements 

Youth Services 
What the team do:

  • Work with young people supporting them to become resilient and help themselves
  • Work with other services to ensure young people have access to the right services at the right time
  • Work with many young people to provide general universal support
  • Work with  a smaller number of vulnerable young people who require some additional targeted support and some who may require more intensive specialist help this includes:
    Universal - Open access Youth Clubs based in a wide range of locations across Flintshire
    Targeted - Support for young people in schools and the community with particular identified needs e.g Young Carers, Young People with Mental Health Needs, Homelessness etc
    Specialist  - High level intense specialist support as appropriate e.g Sexual Health, Substance Misuse

What you will get involved with:

  • Provide administrative support to colleagues working in a range of education and community settings e.g. recording / evaluation / Inventories
  • Undertaking supervised Youth Work activities in face to face and digital delivery
  • Organise and support the Flintshire “Young Leaders” Project and youth council.
  • Support Quality Mark development and Inspection related activities
  • Take part in supervised Forest School activities and homelessness prevention workshops
  • Support the delivery of Youth Work in a range of education and community settings
  • Work towards level 2 Youth Support Worker status via Adult Learning Wales
  • Undertake a range of learning opportunities which support the apprenticeship role
  • Support the bilingual Estyn Llaw Youth team to deliver support to young people as a direct result of Covid 19. 

What the team do:

  • Collection of all income streams into the Council including: Council Tax, Business Rates, Corporate invoicing and Housing & Garage Rent
  • Updating customer records using computerised systems
  • Referencing and indexing all incoming mail using our Document Management and Workflow system
  • Dealing with all aspects of direct debit processing
  • Providing statistical information in a variety of formats
  • Providing advice and helping customers claim discounts and reductions in their bills
  • Supporting those residents and businesses by making payment agreements to repay monies that are due to the council. 

What you will be involved with:

  • Reference and index documents using the document management system to convert all incoming mail to electronic files.  Adhere to and maintain quality control procedures to ensure consistency and accuracy.  Maintain confidentiality when handling customers’ private information
  • Processing direct debits for council tax and business rates including setting up new direct debits, amending or cancelling existing instructions and dealing with unpaid direct debits in line with the Banks Automated Clearing Service (BACS) guidance
  • Customer contact – provide initial guidance to customers over the telephone and via written communication on straight forward, non-contentious, queries
  • Create, maintain and improve all Revenues and Benefit system documentation
  • Liaise with front line service areas and software suppliers to identify and resolve issues both hardware and software, logging calls and providing information as appropriate and maintaining a register of all bulletins and guidance received
  • Develop and produce user defined ad hoc reports and schedule and run system reports, manipulating the output into usable and presentable formats
  • Responsible for running Revenues & Benefits system print jobs and liaising with Corporate IT to facilitate the timely production and printing of system generated documentation
  • Supporting the testing of system releases, identifying and resolving straight forward system problems and leading on the production of first drafts of user guidance notes
  • Complete and submit purchase orders and prepare invoices for appropriate authorisation across the Revenues service
  • Monitoring and allocating payments received to the appropriate accounting year to ensure payments are allocated to the correct balance.

Benefits service
What the Team do:

  • Calculate various financial support including housing benefit, council tax support, free school meals and uniform grants
  • Help customers access affordable and nutritious food
  • Support and help customers to become financially independent
  • Help customers reduce any debts and move out of any financial hardship

What you will be involved with:

  • With training provide initial guidance to customers over the telephone and via written communication on straight forward, non-contentious, queries
  • To record, store accurate statistical information on service databases for management information
  • Compile and return accurate quarterly government statistical returns
  • Maintain team email system on a daily basis
  • Produce documents, letters, spreadsheets, emails, using word and excel
  • Updating customer records securely and accurately using a document imaging system
  • Arrange appointments for the Welfare Reform Team
  • Maintain accurate customer case records using service spreadsheets
  • Arranging payment of invoices
  • Room bookings
  • Compiling and distributing agendas and associated information.

Occupational Health
What the team do:

  • Support the physical and psychological wellbeing of our employees, and give managers advice with regard to fitness for work
  • We give advice if any additional equipment or adjustments are needed for employees to be able to work safely
  • We carry out a number of clinical health checks to ensure that work practices are not causing damage to health
  • We keep medical records in accordance with confidentiality and medical records storage legislation
  • We deliver wellbeing initiatives in order to support our employees.

What you will be involved with:

  • The first point of contact for all internal and external customers, and suppliers of the OH department
  • To receive, assess, and action all enquiries via phone, email and post
  • To use the Occupational Health medical records management system (OPAS)
  • To produce reports and statistics
  • To be trained to process management referrals accurately and efficiently, following service standards
  • To book clinics to capacity
  • To process and raise invoices
  • Audiotyping of confidential medical reports
  • Process of sensitive medical information in line with Data Protection Act.

Empty Homes Officer
What the team do:

  • Assist in processing  loans to property owners to bring empty properties back into use
  • Assist  in  enforcement works on empty properties
  • Assist empty properties through the enforced sale procedure so be sold at auction
  • Assist with empty property complaint
  • Carry out administrative tasks.  Prepare reports, compiling information.  Updating the data base
  • Assist in marketing the empty homes products and service
  • Communicate with members of the public other departments as and when necessary
  • Answer basic queries and provide information.

What you will be involved with:

  • Provide admin support to develop, implement and deliver Flintshire County Council's Empty Homes Programme in relation to the Authority's Regulatory responsibilities and statutory enforcement duties for private sector housing standards and Improvement
  • Assist in marketing and assigning the houses in home loan scheme to property owners
  • To provide assistance (first point of call) service to internal and external customers and clients which involve receiving, recording, actioning enquiries for empty property complaints/loan scheme
  • To provide general administrative duties e.g. processing loan applications, monitoring loan repayments, basic financial administration, submitting translations, assisting with projects and deliveries in line with FCC policies and procedures of GDPR and Health Safety
  • To provide a full range of document management activities such as electronic records management; scanning, archiving, filing, etc
  • To undertake a range of Microsoft Office based tasks e.g. production of letters, marketing material, spreadsheets etc
  • To process applications for loan funding, assuring the quality and accuracy of all evidence collected to meet funding claims and requirements and timely submission.

Contract & Commissioning Team 
What the team do:

  • Arrange appropriate care packages for individual service users, requested by care managers and social workers
  • Co-ordination of domiciliary care across Flintshire
  • Manage the booking of respite provision in care homes
  • Find residential placements to support complex care needs for both adults and children
  • Undertake vacant bed mapping of Flintshire’s Residential/Nursing Homes
  • Send out contracts in a timely manner

What you will be involved with:

  • Maintain systems for collating service requests
  • Mapping available domiciliary care provision across Flintshire
  • Be part of a team who distribute information to the brokerage function
  • Assist in the development of quality assurance systems and performance management procedures
  • Support with carer satisfaction feedback
  • Carry out telephone questionnaires on a routine basis
  • Undertake the weekly capacity mapping of Flintshire’s Residential/Nursing Home
  • Liaise on a day to day basis with  operational services e.g, care managers, in house providers and independent / voluntary sector providers
  • Establish effective working relationships
  • To ensure compliance with the Directorate’s policies and procedures for record keeping
  • Assist the Broker to improve systems 

Housing Assets – Admin team
What the team do:

  • This is a small generic team their role as a whole is to provide administrative and clerical support to the gas service, electrical service and capital works teams as well as providing general administrative support to housing asset management team and all other sections of Housing Services based in County Offices, Flint
  • Providing support to our 109 Trades who do not have access to a computer and ensure communications are sent out to all the Trades when necessary.  Also first point of call when Trades come into the offices with queries
  • Speak to Tenants on a daily basis in relation to booking appointments for Gas and Electrical Servicing for our Council properties.

What you will get involved with:

  • Logging incoming mail and distributing to all Sections within Housing Services.  Also responsible for collection of outgoing mail and ensuring it is in the Post Room ready to be sent out
  • Assist rest of team in taking calls from Tenants and making appointments for Gas and Electrical Servicing in our Council properties
  • Using spreadsheets to log and monitor Trade’s annual leave and sickness absence and filing away correspondence on personnel files
  • Scan and file away Gas and Electrical Certificates so we have a record of all services completed, also assist with archiving of files
  • Assist with logging sickness absence for the Housing Services section both on database and excel spreadsheets
  • Give out Petty Cash to Trades as and when needed and log on spreadsheets, ensuring signatures are obtained for money being given out
  • Assist the team by liaising with Fleet Services to book our Trade’s vehicles for Servicing/Inspections/MOTs.

Domestic Energy Team
What the team do:

  • Use funding for helping vulnerable people access central heating
  • Look after council housing heating systems, solar panels and insulation
  • Give advice about energy and how to save money on your bills

What you will get involved with: 

  • Creating lists with contact details for the contractor
  • Make telephone appointments
  • Create mailings to residents and tenants
  • Taking telephone calls and taking messages for team members
  • Sending text messages to tenants and residents
  • Attending site with other members of team
  • Scanning and filing information into folders 

ICT Placements

ICT Development 
What the team do:

  • Maintain and administer the Open Housing software system
  • Deliver a support service for over 250 users in the Council Housing section
  • Use IT skills and tools to produce key business reports
  • Support the use of mobile phones software for out of office use.

What you will be involved with:

  • Open Housing Help Desk call handling, incident resolution and request fulfilment
  • IT mobile device software maintenance
  • System administration functions within Capita Open Housing system
  • Produce business reports using system report writing tool
  • Use Microsoft Office to help maintain the Capita Open Housing system.

ICT Communications
What the team do:

  • Manage and support the IT Networks for over 120 sites including Council buildings and Schools
  • Manage and support the telephone systems, wireless networks and internet access for all council staff and schools
  • Provide reporting information on mobile phones, telephones and  data network
  • Manage and support the Councils firewall technologies.

What you will get involved with:

  • Help with the implementation of the IT Service including: Network Management and Support, Security Software Management, Systems Software and Telephony systems support
  • Deliver a high standard of service to our customers
  • Carrying out a range of including: networking, technologies, security solutions, systems software including telephony technologies
  • Basic problem solving with colleagues
  • Provide advice, support and guidance to service users and schools in the use of technologies
  • Configure, and test hardware and software products ensuring corporate ICT standards are met
  • Perform regular upgrades to computing equipment and software in the following technology areas: networking technologies, security solutions, systems software and telephony technologies
  • Responsible for placing orders for goods and services in relation to: networking technologies, security solutions, systems software and telephony.

ICT Business Relationships 
What the team do:

  • Fix common IT faults over the phone, via our self-service portal or in person
  • Provide technical support for laptops, PCs and iPads
  • Answer technology related questions from customers and provide written and verbal guidance on how to use the hardware and software we provide
  • Fulfil non-complex requests for additional IT facilities or make changes to the services we already provide to individuals
  • Administer our service management system ‘TOPdesk’
  • Work with managers across the council to ensure that IT is delivering a service that meets their needs now and in the future.

What you will be involved with:

  • IT Service Desk call handling, customer support, fault resolution, and completion of change requests
  • IT hardware maintenance and repair
  • System administration functions within our TOPdesk helpdesk system
  • Providing a supporting role to senior IT Business Partners
  • IT order fulfilment including placing orders with external suppliers
  • IT Service Desk call handling, customer support, fault resolution, and completion of change requests.

Workplace Technologies 
What the team do:

  • Provide IT support and advise to over 2,300 users, remotely and onsite
  • Manage, support and install hardware: Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Mobile Devices – IPads, Tablets, Phones and software
  • IT Security of Software, Desktops, Laptops, iPads, Tablets and Mobile Phones
  • Work with suppliers, processing IT Orders and ensuring IT assets are securely disposed
  • Project Work – Laptop replacements, Office 365 implementation.

What you will be involved with:

  • All aspects of workplace technologies including: Mobile Device Management, Desktop Management and Support, Citrix Support, Security, Software Management
  • Provide high standard of service to customers
  • Provide advice, support and guidance to users in the use of Desktop, Mobile Device Management, Software, security solutions
  • Perform regular upgrades to computing equipment, software and mobile devices
  • Install and configure Desktops, Mobile Device Management, software and systems
  • Ensure the secure disposal of IT Equipment
  • Place orders for hardware and software.

Trade Placements

Streetscene Operatives
What the team do:

  • Provide direct support for the Waste & Recycling Collection service operations, grounds maintenance, cleansing operations and highways maintenance operations
  • Working from the base of Alltami Depot, team members work over a 4 day week shift patterns over 7:00am – 17:00pm / 7:30am – 17:30pm depending on the area of work.

What you will get involved with:

  • Highway maintenance works both reactive and planned including pot hole repairs, tarmacking, curbing and slurry sealing if and when required
  • Waste and recycling collection / disposal operations including loading / sorting household / trade waste (wheel bins, recycling sacks etc.) on to designated waste vehicles
  • Working on permitted waste sites and recycling parks
  • Cleansing works of the highway and other Council owned land including litter picking, sweeping and dog fouling cleansing
  • Winter maintenance – such as gritting car parks and snow clearance at schools and community centres
  • Grounds maintenance works including maintenance of grassed area, pruning and maintenance of hedge / tree / shrub and weed spraying
  • General stores and depot maintenance
  • To follow verbal and written instructions, complete basic paperwork and use appropriate mobile communication and IT support systems, where applicable
  • To attend and engage in all Corporate Days and college sessions, ensuring work is completed on time
  • In year two undertake HGV and fork lift truck driving

What the team do:

  • Provides management and procurement of all vehicles used across Flintshire County Council’s operations in conjunction with GPFS
  • Provides a vehicle maintenance and servicing programme to ensure vehicles are safe and legally compliant. 

What you will get involved with:

  • Support and work alongside the current vehicle maintenance fitters and Go Plant staff to repair and maintain vehicles for internal and external customers as directed
  • Carry out vehicle diagnostics
  • Carry out and support on light van repairs and maintenance
  • Carry out and support on HGV Recycling, Waste and Highways vehicle repairs and maintenance
  • Carryout and support on Trailer repairs and maintenance
  • Maintain standards of general housekeeping within the vehicle maintenance workshop
  • Comply with all safety & work instructions, including the wearing of PPE as detailed within the risk assessments
  • Complete job cards for all work completed on vehicles to ensure accurate vehicle maintenance records
  • Identify, obtain and allocate stock/parts to vehicles as required
  • To attend and engage in all Corporate Days and college sessions, ensuring work is completed on time.

Other Placements (Customer Contact & AAT)

Customer Contact
What the team do:

  • Our Contact Centre and Flintshire Connects teams provide a central point of contact for customers contacting the Council by telephone and in person
  • The teams provide information and advice to customers on a wide range of Council services with the aim of resolving enquiries straight away
  • We provide face to face support at Flintshire Connects Centres for vulnerable customers who need assistance to access services
  • We look after self-service facilities such as payment kiosks
  • We support customers to use online services to pay, apply or report issues when they contact us by telephone or in person

What you will get involved with:

  • Assist customers with non-complex face to face enquiries at Flintshire Connects Centres through the use of appropriate technology, processes, procedures and knowledge to resolve enquiries to the satisfaction of the customer at their first point of contact
  • Process customer enquiries received by the Contact Centre using appropriate telephony technology and IT systems to the satisfaction of the customer at their first point of contact
  • Undertake a full range of document management activities such as electronic records management, scanning, arching and filing
  • Undertake a range of IT tasks including the use Microsoft Office and the Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to record customer enquiries, produce documents, letters, marketing material, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations etc
  • Contribute to the maintenance of communications on the intranet and internet sites ensuring the information is accurate and up-to-date and identify opportunities for improved electronic access to services such as web e-forms
  • Provide administrative support to the Customer Contact services i.e. Photocopying, Scanning, Filing and Archiving.  

What the team do:

The Finance team supports colleagues at all levels of the authority with the provision of a broad range of financial services and reporting.  Working in a modern and agile way, the finance team members are forward looking, and support their budget managers to forecast, plan and monitor and manage their own budgets.  By maximising technology and enabling managers and services, the team support the delivery of efficient services that add value.  

What you will be involved with:

  • Learn how to set budgets and monitor expenditure and income against them and project future cash flows
  • Take part in Financial Year end accounts and accounting for grants
  • Working within a team to assist in the accounting for all of the various sections  within Flintshire County Council
  • Opportunity to gain recognised accountancy qualifications AAT & CIPFA with help and support from qualified accountants
  • Paying invoices and dealing with incoming money• Monitoring and reporting income and expenditure against budgets
  • Payment and monitoring of invoices
  • Raising invoices, Credit notes and Cheque requisitions to both internal and external customers
  • Calculating recharges and reconciling payments received
  • Supporting the finance team in searching for new and more efficient ways of working
  • Providing data and support to the finance team with any queries they may have
  • Investigating disputes and errors in order to correct and solve them
  • Support on preparation of financial data/reporting for the finance team to provide to the required personnel
  • Opportunities for training different aspects of their role eg, Advanced Excel training
  • Dealing with customers over the phone to provide support.

Graduate Placements 2019

What the team do:

  • Internal audit review services by conducting an examination of provision, to evaluate and recommend improvements to the risk management arrangements
  • The Audit review includes: looking at different internal controls to ensure the organisation complies with all of the laws and regulation which are applicable.

What you will be involved with:

  • Support Senior Auditors to perform risk based, key systems, regulatory and advisory reviews as allocated
  • Support and perform some testing and analysis of financial and non-financial data, evaluate and interpret the results and incorporate the findings into the automated electronic working papers and audit report
  • With mentoring work on some reviews, applying technical knowledge learnt
  • Communicate effectively, in writing and verbally, when supporting Senior Auditors work
  • Establish and develop good working relationships within the Audit Team and with officers within the Council
  • To support as requested in both pro-active and reactive fraud investigations
  • Ensure that all work is performed to the professional standards laid down by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy Code of Practice and the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors Standards and Code of Ethics
  • Learn and keep up to date with audit techniques, methodologies, legislation, internal policies and regulations
  • Maintain Continuous Professional Development according to the requirements of the relevant professional body.

Environmental Health 
We have two placements in this department.  One will be based in Food Safety and the other will be placed in Health & Safety, Pollution and Environment.  In order to apply you must have an Environmental Health Degree.

What the Team do:

  • Delivers the full range of Environmental Health functions including Public Health, Housing and Communities, Health and Safety, Food Safety and Integrity and Environmental Protection
  • Undertakes inspections, audits, monitoring visits, investigations and, when appropriate, enforcement in a wide range of premises and households across the County with the aim of improving and protecting public health.

What you will be involved with:

  • Carry out Statutory Enforcement duties relating to statutory environmental health legislation, through inspections and investigations into accidents and complaints
  • Take appropriate enforcement action and legal proceedings as necessary in both areas
  • Formulate and provide responses as a statutory consultee, as and when required
  • Carry out inspections to ensure compliance with current legislation – covering all aspects of Environmental Health work
  • Investigate accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences in accordance with health and a safety legislation
  • Undertake Food inspections
  • Undertake proactive advisory work
  • Carry out investigations into complaints in relation to Environmental Health legislation
  • Take appropriate enforcement action and legal proceedings as and when necessary under either discipline
  • Provide consultation advice for planning applications
  • Work within other disciplines in the Environmental Health Department
  • Keep up-to-date with legislation and attend training courses as is required for the role
  • Maintain and produce accurate records, and develop systems of work applicable to the post in accordance with Departmental Policy
  • Work proactively with other stakeholders.

Highways Graduate
We have one placement for someone with an enthusiastic approach to learning with career aspirations to become a Chartered Engineer 

What the team do: 
Streetscene & Transportation are a fast paced and ambitious service which provide an extensive range of frontline services to the residents of Flintshire.  The team deliver the following services on behalf of the Council:

  • Highway Maintenance and management
  • Management of the Highway Structures and Retaining Walls
  • Transport Strategy and Transportation
  • Active Travel and Road Safety
  • Car Parking and Environmental Enforcement
  • Grounds Maintenance and Cleansing
  • Waste and Recycling Collections and developing Waste Strategy. 

What you would be involved in: 

  • Provide support to operational managers on technical aspects such as highway construction, bridge design and maintenance and highway improvement design
  • Project management and problem solving skills to suit the individual service area
  • With training create CAD drawings and develop designs in line with industry best practice
  • Undertake procurement exercises and involvement in Highway Asset Management programmes
  • Support public facing service operations and public consultations
  • Carry out contract monitoring and review of financial aspects of projects to ensure compliance with financial regulations, quality assurance procedures, health and safety and professional industry best practice with an emphasis on economical and sustainable resources. 

Higher Level Placements

Digital Marketing
What the Team do:

  • Our Contact Centre and Flintshire Connects teams provide a central point of contact for customers contacting the Council by telephone and in person
  • The teams provide information and advice to customers on a wide range of Council services with the aim of resolving enquiries straight away
  • We provide face to face support at Flintshire Connects Centres for vulnerable customers who need assistance to access services
  • We look after self-service facilities such as payment kiosks
  • We support customers to use online services to pay, apply or report issues when they contact us by telephone or in person.

What you will be involved with:

  • To work with services, aligned to the digital programme, to review, develop and implement new digital content which is easy to understand and supports customer self-service wherever possible
  • To link with the corporate communications team to ensure that the language and tone of digital communications consistently meets corporate standards and is appropriate for its target audience
  • To work with business process redesign officers to support the design and development of easy and intuitive end-to-end digital customer processes, which allow service requests to be completed at the first point of contact
  • To research and consider user experience (UX) good practice when developing new digital content
  • To work with the digital programme and graphics teams to explore new methods of presenting and communicating information digitally.