Response to Refugee Crisis

Flintshire County Council Leader Aaron Shotton said: “The Council is currently working with national partners to offer direct assistance. We will be taking a full part in a united approach by councils and housing aid agencies and voluntary sector partners across Wales and the UK to both provide refuge and humanitarian support for refugees.

The Welsh Local Government Association is coordinating the work of councils in Wales, and the extent of the support we need to offer will become clearer over the coming days”

If you would like to help.

Storage and transportation of donations is becoming increasingly difficult to manage so charities such as the British Red Cross are encouraging people to continue to support the aid process by donating money.

You can call the Red Cross’s dedicated phone line on 0800 107 8727

If you would like to make a donation

Please read the Charity Commission’s advice on giving safely.

Experienced humanitarian and relief agencies that you can support include:

For further information please visit the Home Office website