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Big Budget Conversation

2015/16 Budget Proposals 

Car Parking Strategy Consultation

Public Consultation on Library Proposals

Updated 18 March 2015


2015/16 Budget Proposals

As a result of a significant reduction in Government grant support and to meet its legal obligation to balance its budget, the Council published its 2015-16 Budget proposals on the 18th December 2014 and invited public feedback over a four week period.

Whilst the proposals contained some challenging elements, as could only be expected, the Council maintained its approach to protect front line services to local communities as best possible under growing budget pressure.

The public feedback collected was presented to the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committees (O&SC) in January for debate.  The feedback summary report is available here (PDF file opens in new window).

As a result of Overview and Scrutiny consideration, the proposals progressed to a meeting of full Council on Tuesday 17 February 2015 for approval, subject to the amendments detailed below:  

  • Housing O&SC 
    Response Service Out of Hours: to withdraw the charging proposal (£20K)
  • Lifelong Learning O&SC 
    Lets Walk Cymru: to include a transitional grant for Walkabout Flintshire pending agreement of a longer term plan (£7.5k) 
  • Corporate Resources O&SC
    Switchboard and Contact Centre Services: to phase implementation of call handling system changes (£40K)
    Post Office Counter Payments Options: defer implementation of the payments option to assist vulnerable clients with an alternative personalised payment option and budgeting advice (£7.5K)

On approving the proposals on 17 February full Council also considered and supported the implementation of the following six service reviews:

  • Day care services
  • Car parking strategy
  • Transportation
  • Highway winter maintenance
  • Part night street lighting
  • Household recycling centres

Finding the savings has been a significant challenge and whilst the books have been balanced for 2015-16 it’s not over yet.    Based on the latest predictions of the expected impacts of the UK austerity programme on the public sector in Wales the Council will have to find a further £30M over 2016-17 and 2017-18.    It will need to become more creative and more radical year on year.   The magnitude of the savings needed will not be achieved by smarter working practices alone.  Services will need to be delivered differently such as the Council's appeal to local communities to get involved and work together on its community asset transfer programme.

Preparation work has already started on the 2016-17 budget proposals.   We will tell you how and when your feedback will be invited later in the year.

19 February 2015 

During the Big Budget Conversation held over the summer, we set out how we were planning to balance the books to protect local services, and meet all of our obligations such as the statutory services we have a duty to provide.

As a result of a 3.4% reduction in funding from Welsh Government the Council needs to bridge the biggest budget gap it has ever had to face, £16.5 million.

Our draft 2015/16 budget has now been published and your feedback is invited on its proposals.

You can view the proposals by clicking this link.

The closing date for any feedback you may have is 11 January 2015.

The feedback you provide will be considered by the Council's Overview and Scrutiny Committees in January.

18 December 2014


During the summer, in response to the growing risks to local council services because of national budget cuts, Flintshire County Council opened its Big Budget Conversation.

Informing local people about the severity of the situation the conversation gauged levels of support for some of the tough decisions that would be needed.

Nearly 700 people took part and a summary report of the outcomes is available by clicking this link.

Next Steps

Initial talks are already taking place with Town and Community Councils and other organisations about possible local solutions.

We are currently planning how we best go about sharing our options and proposals later in the year.


The Big Budget Conversation is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who took part.

Later this year, at www.flintshire.gov.uk/FCCBudget / www.flintshire.gov.uk/emagazine / Twitter @FlintshireCC #FCCBudget, we will tell you what people thought.

You can have your say on options and budget choices late autumn/early winter.   We will tell you how and when nearer the time.

15 September 2014

There are growing risks to local services because of national budget cuts, and Flintshire County Council will have to make some big choices next year and the years to come. We plan to open up those choices for public debate, and how local communities and local organisations might help plan the future with us. We have set out the challenges in the Big Budget Conversation. Tell us what you think by taking part in our survey.

 18 August 2014

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