Our Flintshire, Our Future 2019 – 2020

The budget and local services

#BacktheAsk is a campaign for fair funding for local government and for Flintshire. The campaign is not a party political campaign and can be backed by anyone who cares about local government and local services. 

Every year councils have to set a budget which balances their resources with their spending needs.  Flintshire, like all councils, has had reduced funding from governments year on year for close to a decade. 

Even during these austere times, our council has remained ambitious and by being innovative and planning ahead, has continued to protect and invest in services.   

Each year it gets harder and harder to make any more savings and to protect services; at times hard budget choices have had to be made. 

You can find more information below about how reducing budgets are affecting local services. 

Please feel free to download and share these information sheets with others and if, like us, you agree that Welsh Government should #BacktheAsk - get involved and pledge your support.  



Social Services

Social Services infographic





Planning, Environment and Economy


How you can #BacktheAsk