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Children & Young People's Partnership Plan 2011-2014

Flintshire Children and Young People’s Partnership Plan 2011 – 2014: “Making a positive difference”

What is the Children and Young People’s Partnership Plan?

The CYPP Plan records what work needs to be done, and by whom, to achieve improved outcomes for children, young people and families in Flintshire.

The Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) requires every County to develop a plan to set out the priority areas and actions needed to deliver improved outcomes for all children, young people and families, as part of the Children Act 2004. This document - Making a Positive Differenceis the Plan for Flintshire.

The Plan has been developed through an extensive and inclusive process of dialogue and consultation with all relevant agencies, and with direct input from children, young people and families themselves.

‘Making a Positive Difference’ is for everyone aged 0 – 19 years in Flintshire, as well as to youth services, and services provided to young people leaving care up to the age of 25 years.  It is an ‘umbrella’ plan, supported by many more specific plans that provide the detail of what will be done, by whom, and who for.

The artwork used throughout this document was created from ideas developed in the consultation sessions with children and young people (2011).

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