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Thank you for following up on our advertisement, and for accessing this site about the Chief Officer, Streetscene and Transportation vacancy.

Flintshire is a well governed and high performing unitary local authority. We are a leader of innovation and collaboration in the North Wales region. No more so in this portfolio where we are the forefront of collaborative regional working in residual waste collection and treatment, and transport infrastructure and interconnectivity of services.

The Chief Officer Team operate as a strong professional collective with shared social values; a keenness to innovate; a pride in excellence; and with a non-hierarchical and non-bureaucratic style which values challenge and nurtures talent from within.

We are looking for a team player to lead the transport infrastructure and interconnectivity of services and who will bring creativity, passion and personality to our team.

I do hope that you are taken with the opportunity, and with Flintshire as an employer and as a place. If this opportunity is right for you at this time in your career – then please do take the next step and apply.

Colin Everett
Chief Executive

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About Us

Flintshire County Council is an efficient, high performing Council with an impressive record of leading and implementing innovative change to sustain services.

We are forward thinking, positive about potential, have continuously developed our expertise and acted with passion and resilience to achieve our success.

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About the role of Chief Officer, Streetscene and Transportation

Working closely with the Chief Executive and the Council Leadership you will build on the successes of the Streetscene and Transportation Portfolio, which operates services that touch upon the lives of all of the Council’s residents, visitors and businesses.

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Life in Flintshire - The 'gateway' to North Wales

The County's location and transport links make us an ideal base for business and growth. Businesses have quick and easy access to key markets, services and industrial regions across the Northwest and Midlands. Known as the Gateway to North Wales, Flintshire benefits from a well planned and effective road network.

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