About us


Flintshire County Council is an efficient, high performing Council with an impressive record of leading and implementing innovative change to sustain services.

We are forward thinking, positive about potential, have continuously developed our expertise and acted with passion and resilience to achieve our success.

Building on our successes

Innovation is synonymous with Flintshire County Council.

Here in Flintshire, we are committed to the provision of local services for local people and work closely with communities, partners, businesses and employees to provide a range of new, innovative and sustainable services.

For over a decade Flintshire County Council, along with every Council in the UK, has been managing the consequences of year-on-year reductions in UK and Welsh Government funding.

Even during these austere times, the Council has remained ambitious.  The Streetscene and Transportation Portfolio works closely with the following regional and national organisations:

The Portfolio provides a 24/7 service, operating 365 days a year and collects domestic waste over a six-day weekly schedule (an operational plan which has reduced the number of waste vehicles required by 40%).

The service has rationalised its depot/office provision from six locations to a single operating and highly modernised facility at Alltami.

The fleet provision has been externalised and is now delivered through a seven year contract. This arrangement has achieved £1.3m of cumulative savings.

All transportation services have been integrated into a single Integrated Transport Unit and all procurements are optimised to provide maximum benefit.

What we do

Flintshire provides local public services for 156,100 people who live in 69,729 households.

With 6,113 staff we are the second largest employer in the County and provide services including, education, housing, leisure, libraries, planning, refuse collection, environmental health, recycling, roads, social services, trading standards, transport and tourism.

Flintshire has 78 schools (64 Primary, 11 Secondary, 2 Specialist, 1 PRU) attended by 23,716 pupils.

Social services support over 5000 adults and 2000 children each year.

Flintshire has seven libraries, ten sports and leisure centres (eight of these are managed by Aura Wales and two are Community Asset Transfers), three country parks and maintains - 1174.8 km of County road.

Our place in Wales

Flintshire is one of 22 unitary authorities in Wales and is the largest in population in North Wales and the sixth largest in Wales. Flintshire is an active member of the Welsh Local Government Association and a number of our senior officers and members have high profile national roles working in a devolved country. 

Flintshire is the lead or co-lead for a number of collaborative strategies and services in the region including autism services, services for those at risk of domestic abuse, community safety, emergency planning, minerals and waste planning, economic growth, and waste treatment and disposal. We are seen as a positive collaborator with an openness to partnership working to secure public value.

How we are governed

Flintshire County Council has 70 Councillors who are democratically elected normally every 5 years.  It is currently run by a minority Labour administration with a political make up of: Labour 34, Independent Alliance 16, Conservative 6, Liberal Democrats 5, New Independents 4, Independents 3 and 1 non-aligned member. We currently have 1 vacancy.

The Council has a Cabinet and a Scrutiny function.  Decisions are usually made by the Cabinet for all issues including major policy.  The role of Overview and Scrutiny Committees is to hold the Cabinet to account and to assist in the improvement and development of the Council’s policies and services.  Flintshire has five Overview and Scrutiny Committees covering:

  • Corporate Resources
  • Community, Housing & Assets
  • Education, Youth & Culture
  • Environment & Economy
  • Social and Healthcare

For more information on the governance arrangements follow the link: http://www.flintshire.gov.uk/en/Resident/Council-and-Democracy/Home.aspx

Our performance

The Council has a good track record of being a high performing authority.  The Council Plan 2019-23 was adopted by the Council in September 2019 and can be viewed here:  https://www.flintshire.gov.uk/en/PDFFiles/Policy-and-Performance/Full-Council-Plan-2019-23.pdf

The plan is currently under review and the new framework was presented to the Council's Cabinet on 19 January 2021 - Agenda Item 5 (page 55) - https://committeemeetings.flintshire.gov.uk/documents/g4902/Public%20reports%20pack%2019th-Jan-2021%2010.00%20Cabinet.pdf?T=10&LLL=0 

The Council Plan sets out the full list of the Council's seven priorities for the period 2019-23 and on individual pages the detailed sub-priorities for significant action during 2019-20. All of our priorities remain important but in any one year a number of them will stand out for special attention.

National recognition

The Council ranks highly not only against its peers, but also other public sector companies, for its achievements.  This is recognised by a number of regional and national awards spanning education, social service, housing and other portfolios.

Working in partnership

Flintshire has a longstanding and proud track record of partnership working.

The communities we serve rightly expect statutory and third sector partners to work together to manage shared priorities through collaboration. The Flintshire Public Services Board (PSB) is at the heart of promoting a positive culture of working together and concentrates energy, effort and resources on providing efficient and effective services to local communities.

Our Public Services Board partners include: Natural Resources Wales, Public Health Wales, North Wales Police, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, National Probation, Flintshire Local Voluntary Council, North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Coleg Cambria, Glyndwr University and Welsh Government.

The Well-being Plan for the County is available on the Council's website - https://www.flintshire.gov.uk/en/PDFFiles/Policy-and-Performance/PSB/A-Well-being-Plan-for-Flintshire.pdf