Recycling centre vehicle permit

Flintshire County Council uses a permit system to restrict the types of vehicles allowed to use Household Recycling Centres in Flintshire.  To qualify the vehicle must not display commercial markings.

What types of vehicles are restricted?
Drivers of the following vehicles must be in possession of a permit to use our Household Recycling Centres to dispose of waste:  

  • Trailers (with more than one axle)
  • Vans
  • Pick-ups
  • Mini-buses 

If you can satisfy three simple criteria you can apply for a permit.

  1. The vehicle must be registered to you, not a business or other organisation.
  2. The vehicle must be registered to an address in Flintshire.
  3. The vehicle must not be sign-written or display advertising.

If you cannot satisfy the above conditions, you will not be permitted to bring the vehicle into our Household Recycling Centres.  The sites cannot accept any commercial/trade waste.

How do I apply?
There is no fee required for permits.  There are 3 ways to apply for a permit:

  • Apply online for a vehicle permit (will open an e-form) - SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
  • Download and print the Vehicle Permit Application Form then email or post it with the required documents to the address on the form.

You must include the following documents:

  • Vehicle registration Document (V5) Section 4, 5, 6 & 7 and
  • Two recent utilities bill/Council Tax demand. 

Photocopies or scanned copies of documents are acceptable and we will return any originals sent.

What happens next?
Streetscene Admin will phone you to arrange a date / time for inspection of the vehicle at Alltami Depot.  A permit will be issued at the time of inspection allowing you a maximum of 12 visits per year.  The Recycling Centre staff will not allow you access to these sites if you do not bring your permit.  If we do not contact you within 5 working days please contact Streetscene.

You can use the Greenfield and Mold sites to dispose of your waste. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more than one name on the permit?   
This is not necessary as permits are registered to the vehicle.  

What if my vehicle changes and I need permits for my new vehicle?
Take your permit and the Vehicle Registration Document (V5) Section 4, 5, 6 & 7 for your new vehicle to a Flintshire Connects Centre.  Or post the V5 with your permit to ‘Vehicle Permit’ Flintshire County Council, Streetscene, Alltami Depot, Alltami CH7 6LG.  We will issue you with a new permit minus the number of visits you have already used up for that year.

I am hiring / borrowing a vehicle – do I need a permit?
Most cars and single axle trailers don't need a permit.  If you wish to visit a site with a restricted vehicle that is not registered to your address e.g. a company or borrowed vehicle, you can apply for a ‘One-off permit’.  To qualify the vehicle must not display commercial markings other than that of a hire company.  Visit Greenfield Household Recycling Centres with one of the following documents: (1) Hire documents OR (2) Utility bill to confirm residence in Flintshire.  Documentation will be checked by HRC site employees and if accepted, a one-off permit will be issued allowing three visits over two weeks.  Only household waste is permitted.