One-to-One Consultation Sessions

Postcard of Point of Ayr Lighthouse / Llun o: Cerdyn post o Goleudy’r Parlwr Du

Have you ground to a halt with your research? Wondering where to look next? Do you wish that Record Office staff had more time to listen to your research difficulties, discuss them with you and offer advice?  If so, you might like to book a one-to-one consultation session (PDF.doc 2.1MB new window) with a member of Record Office staff. For a fee of £10 you will have the undivided attention of a member of staff for half an hour to discuss your research and possible lines you might follow. These sessions are a new service offered by the Record Office and will take place in the searchroom on a Monday morning at 9.30am. If you wish to take advantage of this service, please contact the Record Office to book your session.

Research Service

If you are unable to visit the Record Office in person, you may wish to use our in-house Research Service, carried out by professional, trained staff. Flintshire Record Office’s Research Service undertakes, for a fee, searches in all sources held at the Record Office. These include printed and microform sources such as directories, census and newspapers, as well as archive collections.

Research Request Guidance (PDF.doc 141KB new window)

Research Request Form (PDF.doc 39KB new window)

Reprographic services

Policy on Access to Archives 2018 (PDF.doc 104KB new window)

Flintshire Record Office will usually make a copy of a document in our collections provided that:

• the document is suitable for copying and would not be damaged by the process.

• copying would not conflict with copyright law, restrictions imposed by depositors and owners, or by Data Protection legislation.

All copies are made and issued on the understanding that those who hold them are aware of their responsibility to comply with the law on copyright. Customers will be required to sign a copyright declaration form before we can issue copies of any items affected by copyright law.

We always do our best to produce a satisfactory copy for you. Sometimes this is not easy with the great variety of coloured inks, papers and parchments we have to deal with. If you are not satisfied with the copy you receive, please return it to us and we will either make a replacement copy for you or explain why the copy you have received is the best we can achieve.


Please note that, due to high demand and limited staffing, photocopies asked for in the searchroom cannot usually be supplied on the same day, and we will ask you to call back to collect the copies at a later date, or pay to have them posted on to you.


For records held on microfilm, staff will copy these for you on completion of an order form. As with photocopying, microprints cannot usually be supplied on the day of request, and may be posted to you or collected at a later date.

Digital photography/scanning

If a document is not suitable for photocopying, it may be possible for the Record Office to create a digital copy either by using a digital camera or by scanning the item on our flat-bed scanner.

Taking your own photographs

If you are visiting the Record Office in person and wish to take your own photographs, you will need to purchase a day, week, month or year permit.  Please see our policy on Photography in the Searchroom (PDF.doc 23KB new window) for further details.

Copying fees and charges

Please see our Copying Charges, April 2020 (PDF.doc 51KB new window).

Cheques should be made payable to Flintshire County Council. We are able to accept credit/debit card payments over the telephone only. Please telephone the searchroom on + 44 (0)1244 532364 to make a card payment.

Alternatively, you can pay for our services online. In order to make an on-line payment for one of our services, please click on this link:
You will be taken to the general FCC payment page and it will be set up for a Council Tax payment. Down the left-hand side there is a list of choices headed “Payment Type”. Click on “Flintshire Record Office” and the correct page will appear. The first box headed “Please Select a service to pay for” should already say “Flintshire Record Office”. In the box headed “Please provide details of the service you are paying for”, describe briefly what it is that you are making the payment for, eg. “research service”, “photocopies”, “permission to publish” &c. This will help us to match up your payment with the service you’ve ordered.In the next box fill in the amount you wish to pay. This should have been agreed already with a member of staff. Fill in the details of your name and address in the labelled boxes.Click “Add to List” and details of your payment will appear in the “Payment Review” section below. Click on the little circle adjacent to the icon for your chosen method of payment. Do not click on the icon itself. A black dot should then appear in the circle and a “Pay” button appear on the right-hand side. Click this and you will be taken through to a page where you will need to enter your card details and click “submit”.You will have the options of requesting a receipt to be e-mailed or printed for you.

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