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Loans, Donations and Bequests

One of the ways in which Flintshire Record Office has built up our wonderful collection of local records is through businesses, organisations and private individuals entrusting us with their archive material. We still rely on donors and depositors to preserve today’s records for the people of tomorrow.

Basingwerk Abbey (PR-618) Abaty Dinas Basing

If you have any material which you think might be of lasting historic interest, we would be happy to hear from you and discuss with you how you would like to ensure its permanent preservation. We can offer secure, environmentally controlled storage and would make it accessible to interested persons for the study of local history in our supervised public searchroom.

If you are in any doubt about whether we’d be interested in your material - please contact us and ask.

If you decide that you would like Flintshire Record Office to preserve your material for posterity, you have several options:

1.  Donate it to Flintshire Record Office. It would then become the property of Flintshire County Council and you would relinquish all rights in it;

2.  Deposit it at Flintshire Record Office. It would then remain your property. You and we would both sign a depositor's agreement (PDF.doc 113KB new window) setting out the responsibilities on both sides;

3.  Leave it to Flintshire Record Office in your will. This is something you would need to arrange with your legal adviser. If during your lifetime you wish to keep it yourself at home, our conservator will be pleased to advise you on how best to store it to preserve its condition.

What if your records hold confidential information which you would not want to be publicly accessible?

One of our chief functions is to make the material we hold accessible to people who want to study it. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t accept material which contains sensitive information. We have responsibilities under the Data Protection Act and routinely restrict access to certain records which fall within its scope. Good examples are records of school pupils and hospital patients. We apply a “restricted access” period of 75 years for records relating to adults or 100 years for records relating to children. Anyone wanting to look at records within that period must apply in writing explaining what information they are looking for and why. Each case is judged on its merits and access allowed or denied as appropriate. If you have records which you feel should not be made generally accessible, please contact us to discuss the options for restrictions which could be applied.

What if you might need to borrow it back again?

There is provision in the depositor's agreement (PDF.doc 91KB new window) for the temporary withdrawal of items, given reasonable notice. Similarly, if you find you need it back permanently, there is provision for that too.

If you have any other questions about depositing material at, or donating to, Flintshire Record Office, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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