Guides for Records and Archives Users

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In April 2020, Flintshire Record Office merged with Denbighshire Archives. North East Wales Archives, or NEWA for short, represents a new joint service for the counties of Denbighshire and Flintshire. We now have a new joint website, and this web-page will soon become obsolete.

User guides

The following user guides have been compiled to help you to use Flintshire Record Office for your research.


User Guide No. 1: Beginner's guide to visiting Flintshire Record Office (PDF.doc 46KB new window)

User Guide No. 2: Beginner's guide to using the searchroom at Flintshire Record Office (PDF.doc 34KB new window)

User Guide No. 3: Beginner's guide to researching your family history (PDF.doc 58KB new window)

User Guide No. 4: Beginner's guide to researching the history of a house (PDF.doc 62KB new window)

User Guide No. 5 - Finding the Records of Your Adoption (PDF.doc 283KB new window)

User Guide No. 6 - Inheriting material deposited at Flintshire Record Office (PDF.doc 130KB new window)

Source guides

To assist you in using the records available at Flintshire Record Office for your research, we have created some source guides. These explain what the sources are; what sort of information they contain; how this information can be used for research of various kinds; and how to access the sources at Flintshire Record Office.

Source guide No. 1 - Parish Records (PDF.doc 187kb new window)

Source guide No. 2 - Census (PDF.doc 153kb new window)

Source guide No.3 - Non-Conformist Registers (PDF.doc 184kb new window)

Source guide No.4 - Wills (PDF.doc 166kb new window)

Source guide No.5 - Electoral Registers (PDF.doc 145kb new window)

Source guide No. 6 - Tithe Maps and Apportionments (PDF.doc 40.2KB new window)

Source guide No. 7 - Civil Registration (PDF.doc 38.3KB new window)

Source guide No. 8 - Enclosure Awards (PDF.doc 78KB new window)

Source guide No. 9 - Poor Law - Board of Guardians Records (PDF.doc 37.4KB new window)

Source guide No. 10 - Quarter Sessions Records (PDF.doc 49.4KB new window)

Source guide No. 12 - Coroner's Records (PDF.doc 74KB new window)

If you are having trouble downloading any of these documents, please contact us to obtain a printed copy.

Handling and preservation guidelines

A set of handling guidelines have been created by the professional conservator of Flintshire Record Office to guide customers when handling original documents, which can be fragile and sometimes difficult to manoeuvre. If possible, please read the guidelines before your visit, to familiarise yourself with the necessary procedures. Copies of the handling guidelines are also available in the searchroom. Preservation of irreplaceable documents is our priority, so that future generations will be able to access them in as good a condition as they are currently.

Handling guidelines (PDF.doc 49KB new window)

Looking after your documents and photographs at home (PDF.doc 57KB new window)