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Archives for Schools

Making history come alive!


At Flintshire Record Office we look after most of the county’s public records and archives. An archive is a collection of historical documents.

Archives are important as they contain all kinds of original documents and images that help us to learn about history and the past. Archives for Schools aims to make ‘history come alive’ by giving schools access to these original documents and images.

Unlock the Past - Schools Newsletter

Welcome to the first education newsletter from Flintshire Record Office. We hope to produce one at the start of each academic year but you can check our website and Moodle for news throughout the year.

Policy on Outreach and Promotion, 2014 (PDF.doc 94.8KB opens in new window)
Services for Schools

We offer a number of free services to schools in Flintshire.

Visit us in the Searchroom: Pupils and teachers are welcome to visit Flintshire Record Office either as individuals or groups, to learn more about the history of the county and other subjects in the National Curriculum through archives such as old photographs, maps, newspapers and documents of all kinds. More detailed guides to records can be found on our 'Guides' page.

Planning your visit: Tell us what you would like your pupils to get out of their visit. Contact us by phone, email or call in if at all possible.

Book early:  Class/group visits are always on a Wednesday when we are closed to the general public. Due to space restrictions we can take a maximum of 20 pupils in each class session.

Brief your pupils before their visit: Ask them to respect the original documents they will be handling and tell them about the rules to help prevent them being damaged: they must have clean hands, no food, drink or sweets allowed in the searchroom and pencils only to be used for making notes. 

Behind the scenes: Pupils can also enjoy a guided tour around the strong rooms and conservation studio at Flintshire Record Office. Please note: this is subject to staff availability and is not suitable for children under 7 years

Twilight Sessions: After school sessions for teacher groups can be arranged from single schools or schools working in partnership

Contact us: For more information please contact Sue Millward, Tel: 01244 532364 e-mail: archives@flintshire.gov.uk

Visiting the Record Office
Schools Booking Form (pdf.doc 29KB new window)


Flintshire Record Office has created a series of resources looking at Flintshire during the 19th and early 20th centuries. This work has been created in partnership with Hwb - The All-Wales Learning Platform.

Key Stage 2 Resources

Key Stage 3 Resources

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