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Town Centre Promotion

Flintshire is blessed with many vibrant and diverse town centre businesses that offer a wide range of high quality goods, services and experiences.

However the Covid-19 pandemic and the series of lockdown restrictions put in place to protect the public have unfortunately had a devastating impact on many of Flintshire’s town centres, restricting the ability of businesses to operate and trade as normal.  

Flintshire County Council continues to support town centres and businesses with their short and medium term recovery from Covid-19 and the ongoing effects of lockdown measures and restrictions.  Encouraging residents and tourists to return to the towns, to shop local and attracting additional visitors and shoppers remains a key priority of the Council.

The Council has worked with media and Public Relations organisations to implement a number of promotional campaigns that have raised awareness and told positive stories of the vast array of high quality businesses and attractions that the county has to offer.  These have helped to raise the profile of town centres, encouraged additional trade and bookings and hopefully led to increased business sales and turnover.

A range of promotional materials, including social media platforms, press articles and on-line features, have been used to convey the message that Flintshire’s town centres are not only safe and welcoming but also a lifeline for many local residents and communities.

Examples of the promotion undertaken by the Council, in conjunction with its media partners, include:

  • Town spotlight articles featured in the press
  • Trader/producer of the week features
  • ‘Shop Local – Shop Safe’ advertising campaigns
  • Hamper competitions raising the profile of local food and drink producers
  • Social media coverage and press articles featuring businesses that have gone ‘above and beyond’ to support their local communities
  • Media coverage of initiatives designed to encourage people to shop locally
  • Articles featuring attractions and ‘things to see and do’ in Flintshire’s towns.