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Bus Service Changes

Under the Transport Act (1985), bus operators are free to operate bus services on any route that they consider to be commercially viable, which means that the costs for running the services are covered by the fares collected from passengers on the route or by concessionary travel reimbursement in lieu of the fares.

Commercial bus routes are operated solely by bus companies with no input from the local authority on route direction, route frequency, fares charged or financial support.  A bus operator can start, amend or withdraw a bus service without authority from the Council by giving 56 days’ notice to the Traffic Commissioner.

Subsidised bus route are those funded wholly, or partially, by the Council.  This is required to ensure that public transport is available to those living in areas where a commercial service does not run or is not financially viable.  There is no statutory duty upon the Council to provide local bus services, or fund any form of public transport, but the Authority does have a statutory duty under the 1985 and 2000 Transport Acts to keep the bus network under review, and intervene where it feels appropriate. 

Bus service registrations can be viewed via the following link: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/notices-and-proceedings-for-wales

During 2018, a bus network review has been undertaken to review all subsidised routes to ensure that they remain effective, cost effective and sustainable.  An outcome of this review is the Councils Cabinet Committee agreeing to support subsidised bus services on the established core network and introducing Local Travel Arrangements (LTAs) off the core network where no commercial route is provided.  Services are currently being reviewed on a phased approach resulting in some routes being withdrawn / amended.

Detail of upcoming commercial and subsidised bus service changes are detailed below:

Operator: Arriva
Service route: 11
Date effective: 20 May 2019
Change: Timetable changes

Operator: P&O Lloyd
Service route: 9
Date effective: 20 May 2019
Change: New Service

For alternative / connecting services, please view local
bus timetables or contact Traveline Cymru on 0800 464 0000 or Streetscene 01352 701234.

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