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What can I find out from my library?

answers enquiry deskFlintshire Library and Information Service offers a wide range of reference and information resources in paper and electronic form. Here are just some of the types of information resource available:

Family History and Local history are featured in detail on our History and Heritage at your library page.

Reference Information
Most larger libraries have a selection of reference materials to help answer straightforward questions and the @nswers centre in Mold Library has a wide range of resources and a team of dedicated staff to help with more detailed local studies, family history and reference enquiries. If you are unable to visit the @nswers centre you are welcome to make your enquiry by phone on 01352 754791 or e-mail: answers@flintshire.gov.uk

A range of Online Reference Resources is also available in libraries and from your own computer.

The library service subscribes to national, regional and local newspapers and online newspaper resources are available free in Flintshire Libraries - Flintshire library members can also gain free access on their own computers by visiting the Online Reference Resources web page.

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