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Swimming Lessons

Aqua Passport Scheme

Flintshire County Council operates the ‘Aqua Passport’ Learn to Swim Scheme.

Devised by Swim Wales in association with Sport Wales, and supported by the Welsh Government, this innovative scheme is a key element in the plan to get every child in Wales swimming confidently by the age of 11. The vision is for today’s children to enjoy swimming and water-based activities for the rest of their lives, resulting in a healthier nation.

Aqua Passport represents a seamless pathway from a baby’s first experience in the water with an adult, to children who are competent swimmers fully equipped to continue with aquatic activities for the rest of their lives.

Aqua Passport has three distinctly branded awards: Splash, Wave and Skills.

For further information on the scheme content and the awards’ criteria, please visit:

Aqua Passport Awards

How to Arrange Swimming Lessons

To request swimming lessons please use the 'Request Swimming Lessons' link below and a Swimming Co-ordinator will then contact you.

Minimum age to begin swimming lessons:

  • Buckley Leisure Centre - 5 Years
  • Connah's Quay Swimming Pool - 4 Years
  • Holywell Leisure Centre - 3 Years
  • Jade Jones Pavilion Flint - 3 Years
  • Mold Leisure Centre - 5 Years

Children's Swimming Lesson Course Dates 2016:
Course 43, 4 January - 13 March 2016
Course 44, 14 March - 22 May 2016
Course 45, 23 May - 31 July 2016
Course 46, 1 August -9 October 2016
Course 47, 10 October - 18 December 2016

Below is information that we need from parents to add their child's name to the swimming lessons waiting list.  Could you please provide this when requesting lessons:-

  1. Child's Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Address (including Post Code)
  4. Contact Telephone Number
  5. Contact Email Address
  6. Child's Swimming Ability
  7. Preferred Swimming Pool Site for your Child to Attend Lessons
  8. Preferred Language for Lessons (English or Welsh).

Welsh Medium Swimming Lessons

Flintshire County Council has several leisure centres and offers a different range of activities in each.  Currently, Welsh medium swimming lessons, at all levels (Wave 1 to Wave 6), are available within the county.  The current schedule is below.  Demand for Welsh medium swimming lessons has increased and we will continue to increase the number of sessions to meet demand. 

Holywell Leisure Centre

Tuesday 4:15pm- Wave 3

Tuesday 5:15pm- Wave 1 / Wave 2

Tuesday 5:45pm - Wave 1 / Wave 2

Mold Leisure Centre

Wednesday 4:45pm - Wave 1 / Wave 2

Wednesday 5:15pm- Wave 1 / Wave 2

Jade Jones Pavilion Flint

Thursday 3:45pm- Wave 1 / Wave 2

Thursday 4:15pm- Wave 3 / Wave 4

Thursday 4:45pm- Wave 5 / Wave 6

Please phone Flintshire County Council's Leisure Customer Services Team on 01352 702437.

For more information contact emma@menterfflint.cymru or phone 01352 744040.

For more information about this service submit an enquiry.

Pay Online

Leisure Services is pleased to provide parents/carers with the opportunity to pay online for their child’s swimming lessons.

Online payment for the next course of ten swimming lessons is only available between Weeks 3 and 7 of the current course.

Please read the accompanying ‘Screen-by-Screen Guide’ (see useful documents) prior to accessing the online payment facility.

You will require your child’s Member ID and Personal PIN Number in order to Login to our on-line booking system.

How do I obtain my child’s Member ID and Personal PIN Number?

Email leisure.bookings@flintshire.gov.ukor telephone 01352 702430 (Monday-Friday, 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.) providing us with your child’s actif card number and a valid email address. The actif card number begins ‘FLS’ and is located underneath the bar code.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide your child’s Member ID and Personal PIN Number without your actif card number and a valid email address.

If you are now ready to pay online for your child’s swimming lessons, please follow the link below to access the login screen and begin the payment process:

Pay Online

Armed Forces Free Swimming Initiative

Scheme and Background

At a meeting of the Welsh Local Government Association Council in Cardiff on Friday, 25 September 2015, elected members from all Welsh local authorities unanimously approved a proposal from Welsh Government to offer free swimming in nominated public leisure centres to veterans and armed service personnel on leave.

Within Flintshire, this initiative is available at the five swimming pools in Buckley, Connah’s Quay, Flint, Holywell and Mold during public swimming sessions only.*

The Armed Forces Free Swimming Initiative has received funding from Welsh Government to implement and support the scheme until 31 March 2017.

Eligibility and Scope

Further to the decision passed by the Welsh Local Government Association Council, elected members agreed that the initiative will apply only to ‘veterans’ and ‘armed forces personnel on leave’ who reside in Wales. The initiative will not apply to spouses/partners, family members or friends.

Veterans and armed forces personnel wanting to take advantage of the free swimming initiative must be in possession of an MOD Defence Privilege Card. Those without a card will be unable to access free swimming until they purchase a card from the MOD Defence Discount Service, available via www.defencediscountservice.co.uk

A member of the Leisure Centre reception team will need to view and verify this card on your first visit and will register a subscription against your account enabling you to access the free swimming initiative.

*public swimming times may vary depending on bookings so please check with the site to avoid disappointment.

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