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Approved List of Contractors

To undertake any type of construction or repair & maintenance type works on behalf of Flintshire County Council, the Contractor must submit a successful application for inclusion on our Approved List of Contractors.

The Contractor must complete a simple Application Pack and submit it along with supporting documentation in relation to accounts / finances, health & safety compliance and competency, public liability insurance and trade references.  These four areas are then subjected to a stringent vetting process and provided that all four areas pass the process the Contractor will then be classed as Approved and available to undertake work for the Authority.  If there are any problems during the vetting process the Authority will work with the Contractor to rectify the problem.

Ongoing management of the list will ensure that financial information is renewed every 18 months, insurances every 12 months and health & safety information every 24 months

Once on the list Contractors will then be subject to a continual performance monitoring process which will record both poor and positive performance.  Should any recorded poor performance reach an unacceptable level, then at this stage the contractor can be suspended or permanently removed from the list.

Attached below are the documents that form the Application Pack. Please ensure you read all three documents fully then complete and returned them along with the firms latest set of accounts, Public and Employers Liability Insurance Certificates and all the supporting Health & Safety Documentation requested. Please post them to FCC Environment Support Services, County Offices, Chapel Street, Flint, Flintshire CH6 5BD.

Approved List of Contractors - H&S Appraisal Criteria (PDF 92KB new window) (this document is for your reference only and does not need to be returned)

Approved List of Contractors - Application Form (PDF 117KB new window) 

Approved List of Contractors - H&S Appraisal Questionnaire (PDF 135KB new window)

Approved list - frequently asked questions

What are approved lists?

Flintshire County Council maintains one Corporate Approved List of Contractors and the majority of our construction / repair & maintenance related projects that fall below the EU Public Works Contract Threshold are tendered by contractors chosen from these lists. 

These pre-qualified lists ensure that those firms employed by us to undertake works are suitably qualified to do so in terms of technical ability (including registration with appropriate trade organisations), financial stability (including compliance with the Construction Industry Tax Scheme), health and safety (in terms of compliance and competency), insurances, trade references, equal opportunities and environmental policies.

How do I apply for inclusion on the approved list?

Contractors can request and application pack by calling 01352 703677.  The list is an "open" list so applications will be considered at any time during the year.

How do approved lists operate?

Flintshire County Council officers will select Contractors at random from the list dependant on trade type required and value of the work to be undertaken.  Flintshire County Council operate a rotation policy to ensure that our work is equally shared around the contractors on the Approved List.

What trades are covered by approved lists?

Flintshire County Councils Approved List of Contractors currently covers the following main trade types:

  • Asbestos removal
  • Bathroom adaptations for people with disabilities
  • Building works - repairs and refurbishment
  • Building works (new) - construction only
  • Building works (new) - design and construction
  • Civil engineering
  • Demolition and site clearance
  • Mechanical & electrical works
  • Metal fabrication
  • Painting & decorating
  • Playground equipment
  • Roofing
  • General adaptations work for people with disabilities
  • Flooring
  • Security & fire protection
  • Lifts
  • Installation of UPVC windows
  • Installation of lifts for people with disabilities
  • Landscaping
  • In addition to others

How do I obtain further information?

If you have any queries or questions about the list please contact:

Environment & Planning Administration, County Hall, Mold, CH7 6NF

01352 703320 or 01352 704910

Please note: specific Health & Safety queries should be directed to 01352 702790 / 702757 

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